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Lady's Story: Day 1: The Vet
Lady was picked up at the Horry County Animal Shelter today (2/23/04).  She is in awful shape as the pictures show.  It is impossible for her to lift her head and she can barely walk.  Lady was an owner turn-in to the shelter because the owners knew something was wrong with her, but they did not know how to fix it.  Her owners did everything they could to try and put weight on her.  She weighed a whopping 68 pounds, about half of what she should weigh.  The vet found the following things:  emaciation, dehydration, heart murmur (could be caused by body condition), heartworm positive (low high/high low levels), hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, uterine infection (lots of pus drainage), scars from what appear to be old bite wounds, staph infection of the skin, hair loss, dandruff, and awful teeth.  She is on antibiotics and is being dewormed.  We would greatly appreciate monetary donations to help defray the cost of her ongoing treatment.  Please email us if you would like to help.
Lady after two good meals, medicine, treats and water (2/23/04)
Day 2: 2/24/04
Lady is apparently feeling much better today.  She woke up and knocked over the baby gate to get out of her room.   Her water bowl was empty for a moment, so she decided she would break out of her room and go find some.  Hopefully, she will continue to improve. 

Day 3: 2/25/04
Lady went to the vet for a re-check and a re-weigh today.   She weighed 78 pounds!  It seems that deworming her has allowed her to put on weight at an alarming rate.  She is able to walk around on her own now.  When food is put down for her and someone walks up to her, she backs away and acts as though she will be in trouble for eating it.  She is also extremely terrified of men.  
A special thanks to all the people who sent in donations
on Lady's behalf:

Renee and Grady Johnson - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Robert and Kathleen Tempel - Ravena, NY

Ms. Kathy Alter - Munnsville, NY

Bibi Green - Fort Washington, PA

Stefanie Offitt - San Francisco, CA

Edward and Patricia Meyer - Elko, NV

Laurie Zoock - Wharton, NJ

Linda D. Brennan - Aristes, PA
Day 4: 2/26/04
Lady's medical and physical condition continue to improve.  She actually acts like a dog now and not a walking skeleton.  It seems that the weight she has gained has given her more energy and has greatly improved her spirits.  She is slowly coming out of her shell, but is absolutely terrified of everything.  Lady still runs away from her bowl if approached and acts as though everything she does is wrong and she might be hit at any moment.
Injury to Lady's leg - appears to be a burn
Day 6: 2/28/04

Lady is afraid to come down and eat out of her feeder.
Day 7: 2/29/04
Lady outside socializing with the other dogs!
View from above - she looks better, but has a long way to go!
Lady weighed 90 POUNDS at the vet today!
UPDATE:  Unfortunately, after doing so well Lady had to be euthanized.  She suddenly crashed and either bloated or had a growth in her abdomen that ruptured (the vets and radiologists disagree on what happened).  Her abdomen was full of blood and she was vomiting blood.  The only thing left to do was to humanely euthanize her to avoid a painful death.  Lady was finally learning to trust people a little and even slept in the bed her last two nights.  The president of CSCAGDR is pursuing prosecution of her former owner.